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Thursday, May 9, 2019

GB WhatsApp6.90 Mk_Mods_Apk

GB WhatsApp 6.90 Mk_Mods_Apk

If you have an android phone then you will definitely use GB WhatsApp. This is a very famous app. You have definitely heard about it but didn�t use it. Here in this article, I will provide you download link and reason why you should use GB WhatsApp

Gb Whatsapp has a lot of amazing features like auto-reply, status saving, etc. Once you start using it then you will stick to it.
What is Gbwhatsapp?
Gbwhatsapp is a modified version of WhatsApp by Gbmods. Gbmods just add some features that WhatsApp does not have. Features like saving status, Auto Reply, etc.
Gb whatsapp is one of best every moded version of WhatsApp available today. All other yo WhatsApp, FM WhatsApp copy gbwhatsapp features. If you search on the Google play store about GB WhatsApp then did not find anything useful.
GBWhatsapp 2019 download that is what you are looking for? I�m very sure that you will like this app very much because it has so many features. This app will totally change your whatsapp using behaviors.
Over the internet, you will find so many websites for downloading gb whatsapp but make sure you will download it from our website only because other websites do not provide the latest version. We will keep updating this article with time
Make sure you download it from the opentechinfo website only.

Here is a list of full features that gbwhatsapp have but WhatsApp don�t have

  • DND service
  • Auto scheduling messages
  • Changing themes.
  • View Status as a list
  • Status Download button
  • Copy written status
  • Auto-reply
  • Go to the First message with one click
  • Lock a Particular chat
  • Whatsapp Lock
  • Translate message
  • Hide Bluetick
  • Hide Second tick
  • Hide Online status
  • Hide Typing
  • Change Upload size limit up to 100mb
  • Send original pictures
  • Increase status limit to 7 minutes (the only GB WhatsApp users can view this all other users will able to View only 30 seconds)
  • Change App font
  • Many more

    GB WhatsApp6.90 Mk_Mods_Apk
    4/ 5