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Monday, April 15, 2019

snaptube apk download 2019 latest version

Snap tube apk download 2019 latest version

SnapTube for Android is a video downloading application, the top section of this application is none other than the searching feature. The search feature allows you to find your favorite video. Simply tap on the search bar and the system will continue the process for you. On the right side of the application, you will find menu button. When you tap it, drop down menu containing several other features are available. You can also search video or music based on their category.

The best feature offered is the section of video sites. The application already provides you with a list of several sites that offer video to download from. If you already know the source of the video that you wish to download, you can tap on the corresponding icon of the video site. It will direct you to the website so that you can download it from the original source.

The application will save your downloaded file based on their respective format. It can be accessed directly on your drive. Alternatively, the application gives an easier user interface connected to your smart phone drive. In order to access this feature, all you need to do is tap the download icon located on the menu section. Here is the bottom line of this app.


  • Menu feature allows you to navigate through the application easily
  • Video Site feature offers plenty of options
  • Build in explorer to access your downloaded file
  • Downloaded files are arranged based on their category


  • Download process might take longer
  • Bug when accessing Video Site feature
  • How to Use

Firstly, go to the top tab of the interface. You will be able to find several features to enjoy. If you have specific video or music, simply tap on the search feature. This feature looks like a magnifier. You need to type search entry for the video. After that, it will give you a list of suggestions to choose. Tap on the selected suggestion to download it. The video should be directly downloaded into your smart-phone storage. The speed depends on your Internet connection and video size.

Alternatively, you can also go to the Video Site section. There, you will be able to find plenty of famous websites offering you to download video. Select the favorite website and browse for the video you wish to download. This app will help to download the video for you. You can play the preview to make sure that it is the video you are looking for.


snaptube apk download 2019 latest version
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