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Friday, January 18, 2019

Free Download the latest version of Google news apk 5.7.0 for android devices

Google news app is one of instant and efficient news app to inform you about what is happening in the world and also known for delivering relevant news in the news feed by using A.I techniques.
 You can easily learn all of the news stories that are important for you.
With Google news you will see . This app offers �for you� tab which shows personalized news and tapping on �full coverage� showcase same news story reported by different publishers, highlighting all the perspectives.

Features and Usage of Google News App

The Briefings Although it is not possible to aware you with every story which is important to you. With the briefings provided by google news you can easily stay up to dated  what is relevant  and important to you. The briefing updates throughout the day bringing you the top stories you need to know, including local stories, national news, and world content.

Full Coverage With just one tap this app enables you to understand full context of any news story, you will receive everything online about story in an organized way. It highlights different perspectives including a timeline of key events, FAQs important people and more.

Credible Sources  you can find quality of content from different sets of credible publishers and also you can discover sources you had not came to know before.

Stories for you Stay up to dated about what is happening on the topics you care about, either that are sports, politics, business, entertainment, tech weather and all other categories that are important to you.

Newsstand Section you can subscribe to different news sources and magazines. The best part about Google News app is that it has massive database of news sources which means even the less known media publishers can be found the app.

Free Subscription  Their no any charges of superscription you can subscribe to google news for free lifetime, and it the quality of journalism is worth you google pays for you from variety of sources so don't weight just download and subscribe google news.

Additional Information
 Android Required:   4.4 and up                                      Size :        14 MB
 Developed by: Google LLC                                          Category:    Free News & Magazines APP
                         Version 5.7. 0 is Bug fixed  upgraded improved Performance         

         Latest version of Google news apk Free download
                       Download Google news apk 
Free Download the latest version of Google news apk 5.7.0 for android devices
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