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Thursday, June 21, 2018

Goggle Podcast app to discover and listen podcast is Ready to Download

Good news for android users! Goggle launched a new app to discover and explore the world podcasts. The app enables you to listen  episodes of shows offline, just you need to subscribe shows, and it's Free.
By using Goggle Assistant you can pause shows on one device and you can also resume it on another, just because all your listening is automatically synced across devices

Modify your past of Listening 

Subscribing and listening all of podcast  is absolutely free.
You can listen to podcasts with faster playback speed and also you can skip it over silences.

Multiple Listening 

You can listen same podcast on multiple devices with problem of misplacing . it enables  you to pause your phone and pick up where you left on Home Page of Goggle.

You can also find Podcast by using Goggle Assistant and Goggle search app.

Suggestions by Podcast   

You can enable your self to find the new podcast directly on your phone.

Uncover the latest Podcasts build on your listening history and priorities

Find and Play Podcasts

You can steam podcast on Goggle Play Music App for Android . Downloading of podcast enables you to listen podcasts offline by this App. Once you listen the podcast you can listen it next time offline just because once you listened it is saved automatically.

Subscribe to New Episode  

For auto downloading you can subscribe to the new episodes you will get notification whenever they are available .

Follow these steps to subscribe

  1. Select the podcast according to your periorites
  2. Select the Plus + shaped button
  3. Select you liked subscriptions setting
To Check Setting of Subscription : Click Subscribed Then you will be able to modify the auto-downloads notifications and Unsubscribe .
Automatic Download  Almost of 5 new episodes of podcasts can be downloaded automatically. After release  of latest episodes you can easily download them

                Click on the marked link below to download Goggle Podcast App

                                Click Here to Download Goggle Podcast APK

Goggle Podcast app to discover and listen podcast is Ready to Download
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