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Monday, March 12, 2018

Download Messenger lite for free calls and messages via Facebook and Facebook Lite

A new and decent messenger with borrowed Snapchat features that's why it is called messenger Lite so switch over to Facebook immediately.

 Sorry for iOS users just because it is released for android only.
It's easier to focus that what features are available on lite just because list is short, i.e. when you open the Messenger Lite you can see three tabs:
Home where you can see your existing chats.

Contacts which are you connected to, and Profile, where you can adjust your notification settings, switch accounts, looks at your message requests and report any issue so that's pretty much it.

You can Compose bubble, Profile icon and the option to sort chat by Message, Groups, Calls and Actives.
You can open a composition window in Messenger and you can get options in camera, for emoji, for images, for voice detection, for stickers and GIF's.
You can call and video chat. Press the plus sign and you can  send money, on your location, or summon a Food Network branded extension for some anonymous reasons
 You can send a thumbs up.
You can also,  type actual words. still snap a photo or dictate or call. But Lite does not contain the intricate, endless tunnel system that Messenger employs to squeeze all of its features into one bitty app. You can�t get lost in Lite.

You can, though, send and receive messages quickly and efficiently, which seems just about perfect for an app called Messenger.

Slimming down has other, unseen benefits as well. Lite takes up less than 10MB on your phone�and nearly 10 times less space than Messenger.

You can still get in touch with anyone who has a Facebook account.You can still make free calls over Wi-Fi.
   Click Here to Download Messenger Lite apk

Download Messenger lite for free calls and messages via Facebook and Facebook Lite
4/ 5